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Confidence Coaching and Hypnotherapy

You may be wondering how hypnotherapy works and if coaching is for you.

The word “coaching” has a literal meaning of transporting someone from one place to another. It empowers individuals to move forward and to create change in both a business and a personal context. Coaching guides the whole person in aligning their values, beliefs, skills and talents to set their own outcome, remove the blocks, take action and make it happen.

Uniquely Yellow Balloon Confidence Coaching uses hypnotherapy and NLP therapy  to help you access the “Confident You” to shape and achieve your goals.  This might be for a specific occasion or situation such as giving a presentation, taking an exam, going to a dentist or generally to be less anxious in social situations.

Hypnotherapy is the use of Hypnosis for a purely therapeutic purpose. It is a completely natural, safe and effective method of treating and relieving a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. When administered by a professionally trained and knowledgeable Hypnotherapist, the benefits are long-lasting and often permanent, with no harmful side effects.

What is hypnotherapy like?

During a Hypnotherapy session, you will experience a deeper level of relaxation, awareness and suggestibility than you would ever normally be able to achieve with any other therapy; whilst all the time concentrating entirely on the voice of your therapist.

While you are in this deeply relaxed state, the subconscious mind is much more open to accepting and acting on beneficial and life-changing suggestions.

Together with your therapist you will have set a clear goal.  It might be being more confident, stopping smoking, sleeping better.  The suggestions given during your sessions, will of course be positively worded to meet your specific needs.

What can it help?

  • Decreasing levels of anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fears and phobias such as pregnancy, flying, heights, crowds, spiders, needles, dentist
  • Stopping an unwanted habit – smoking, biting nails, unhealthy eating
  • Insomnia
  • Pain Management and IBS
  • Exam stress

This is just sample how we can help you. If you can not see your specific problem listed please contact us now, to discuss how we can work together.