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Make your Resolutions Stick in 2017

The beginning of a New Year also brings new resolve to make positive changes in our lives.  Many of us set off with great intent to finally make the change we have promised ourselves every year for the past few years. So what can you do to make this the year of... read more

Keep Calm Christmas Countdown

Christmas can increase stress for all sorts of reasons.  Here are some hints and tips to help you keep calm during the festive season and beyond.  One too many invitations? In one Christmas episode of The Vicar of Dibley, the vicar ended up eating countless sprouts... read more

CHEER – Keep your confidence at times of change

We often talk about change as being a modern concept.  Philosopher Heraclitus who was born 535BC said “there is nothing as constant as change” so not so modern.  More that change is part of life and is needed for our growth and development. When we explore... read more

Free Chapter of The Hypnobirthing Book

If you are not sure what hypnobirthing and positive birthing is all about, then take a look at the first chapter of The Hypnobirthing Book on us! Click here the-hypnobirthing-book-sample Enjoy!... read more

Building a beautiful nest – lighting

Whilst you’re are pregnant and getting ready for the birth of your baby you may well get the urge to build a safe and comfortable nest.  There are many advantages of low lighting for labour and birth.  It is believed that lower light levels contributes to comfortable... read more

Hypnobirthing discussion on Radio 4

Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 discussed Hypnobirthing.  It is increasingly being offered on the NHS. So what is it, how does it work, and to what extent is it any different from the breathing techniques offered in ante-natal classes? We’ll hear from... read more

Come and join us

We are exhibiting and speaking at the Business Women Scotland Live Event at Trades Hall Glasgow on 11/10/16, and we’d love you to join us! We are talking about Being confident at tomes of change.  The event, run by Business Women Scotland magazine, has a fantastic... read more

IBS, can hypnotherapy help you?

Have you ever wondered what hypnotherapy is and if it could help you? Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Whenever our mind wanders, daydreams or is focused on something, such as reading a book or driving a familiar route we are in a state of hypnosis.  Recent... read more

Positive Birthing Affirmation

The key to learning a new skill is practice, practice, practice. Then when you need to use it, it comes naturally and easily. Although this is an affirmation developed for hypnobirthing it is true in many walks of life, health, business, achieving your goals.  Choose... read more

What if you lived to over 100?

This lady is over 116 years old she was born in 1899. Her reasons why she thinks she has lived so long my surprise you. Reveal her thoughts   However many trips around the sun you have, what do you really want to be saying at the end, about what you have done with... read more

Filling in the Gaps

Have you ever thought that you sometimes fill in the gaps?  Are there times when 2+2 ends up making 5?  Well there is no surprise when you know how amazing our brains are in taking two key pieces of information and computing the rest by filling in the gaps. I cnduo’t... read more